Sunday, 15 January 2012


Bamboo terry
... always described having texture like towel. 
Hence it function also like towel, good and quick absorbent. 
Bamboo terry also have many composition of material, in different percentages too, however let me story about what I know most, bamboo terry for Tinky By Bettermoms cloth diapers.

Bamboo terry inner for Tinky CD made from 100% bamboo, however for it's durability, it's woven with a polyester base ( the composition of polyester is less than 5 %). The fine loop appearance and structure give it's more surface to absorb.

Bamboo charcoal inner, specifically for babyland, have polyester composition for about 30%.  Made into fleece, it has feel drier compare to terry ( or even velour, bamboo cotton etc), hence called bamboo material that 'stay dry'.

Both material with it's unique property give user a choice which property they like most. Now let's discuss regarding their unique features.

For most, they relate the stay dry effect with longer hour baby in diapers. Some mom like this and some do not. For those mommies that baby's skin not so sensitive, and time is very limited to permit then to change diapers less than 4 hours, they opt for stay dry effect. Esp for babies less than 6-7month where they pee frequently.

Some baby cannot tolerate wet situation, this type of baby usually they are not complaining much when their diapers is wet, and if we did not change it about 2-3 hours after they had wetted their diapers, some may develop rash also.

Some mothers do not want this stay dry effect, as with the stay dry effect, they did not realize baby pee as baby will feel dry, and they tend to prolong baby hours in diaper, where as, other material such as bamboo cotton, terry or velour will felt some discomfort sensation to baby and this let mothers know it's time to change the diapers.

Also when baby become toddler ( 1 yr above) , many mothers opt for non-stay dry effect, as toddlers pee less frequent, but pee a lot more at 1 time compare during babies. If using stay dry diapers, child will feel very comfortable as it is dry. And mom also do not know when to change until child stinks with urine already. If using non-stay dry, child will learn faster that when they pee, it's uncomfortable and need to change, later they will be toilet trained faster.

Non stay dry also avoid babies/ child in babysitter house or daycare left without changing the nappies, as when babies or child feel wet at he bottom, they will usually make noise and complaint, and that's how they get their diapers change when soiled.

But whatever said, written, told, mother knows what is he best for their kids, both is qood in different situation, so do other material,  and whatever decision to use whichever material, there is no right or wrong answer as long as the child is fine ^_^

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